Children of Atom – Children of Atom EP (2021)

    Children of Atom (EP 2021)
    Since releasing their first album in 2016, Children of Atom have been spreading their signature blend of psychedelic space rock and funky groove metal across the wasteland like a nuclear powered sex machine.
    Radiation Blues 00:00
    Pussyfoot 04:16
    Bloodlust Boogie 08:31
    Mississippi Queen 13:44
    Physical copies include a free print of the cover of the cover we covered which is a re-color of the album cover of the song that we covered included exclusively on this limited physical release while supplies last.
    released August 21, 2021
    Drawing from elements of blues, funk, and early metal, Children of Atom don’t quite sound like anybody else. The trio released their first full album in 2016, calling their unique style “Psy-Fi Rock” and when describing their “joyful heavy fuzz rock,” Smudge of Power Play Magazine called the band “down ‘n’ dirty and rough as a badger’s arse!” They followed their first foray in the studio with several excursions across the Northwest, frequenting the larger SeaTac and Portland areas, and could often be found skirting genre boundaries at home to open for acts as diverse as Anthrax, Red Fang, Rings of Saturn, and Green Jello.
    After relocating from Northern Idaho to Spokane, WA Children of Atom were forced to endure changes in their lineup to accommodate frequent touring and recording, with a lineup now consisting of founder Michael Fenris on guitar and vocals, Myles Weaver on bass and vocals, and Josh McClure on drums, and with the most recently added keyboardist Shane Birdsill, the band’s sound mixes aggressive keys, greasy guitar hooks and dark crooning vocals about space travel with driving rhythms and random, meandering psychedelic adventures.
    Planning to release an album and undertake a several week West coast tour in 2020, the band have instead spent the last year in quarantine recording several projects and, after releasing only digital singles since 2016, Children of Atom plan to release a second full-length album sometime in late 2021.

    Source 666MrDoom

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