COURE – Inversum Nema (Full Album 2022)

    Inversum Nema (2022)
    #Instrumental_Dark_Metal #with_Trumpet_and_SaxoBass
    We are diving under the influence of genres that we love as; 90s rock, stoner, post-metal, doom, experimental, etc..
    Coure / Barcelona, Spain
    Ombra Nero Sunna 00:00
    Hibernum.Bimus.Avernus.Hiemalis.Hiemo.Quadrimus.Trimus 05:08
    Inversum Nema 06:07
    Devotio.Ignatian.Spiritalitas.Eudaimonia.Quod.Ataraxia 11:26
    Sanguis Meus 11:56
    Maleficarum.Mater.Duul.Circumcisus.Amon.Dura.Malleus 18:58
    0B5CUR4N7I5 19:40
    Im.Fabulam.Caverna.Phronesis.Hiems.Circulus.Flambeau 28:09
    Pentaóxid 29:18
    Tautavel.Distopia.Heiselbergensis.Coronoid.Trephine 34:42
    Apatheia Absens 35:19
    New LP – Inversum Nema

    Coure receives its name from the metal copper- /CU/ -and from the latin term Cuprum. In ancient times, copper was valued for its malleability and heat transmission, and currently it is valuable for its energy conduction capabilities.

    Coure’s music is also malleable and ever changing, though without losing its driving essence, just like said metal. The band’s personality entails the entangling of Metal structures with Progressive parts where both trumpet and saxophone replace the vocals and create atmospheres closer to Free jazz and improvisation.

    This album is our first studio recording with the full band, we’ve added a bass sax to the original line-up, he is driving us into an exciting lost highway towards a post-apocalyptic dystopian future, full of crowded cities with noise and nonsense, people who live underground in search of metal, in their solitude invoke ancient gods that never come.

    It’s the fruit of the curse that began in 2020 and plunged us more into slavery, in this album there is concentrated a part of darkness that we have suffered since then.

    It is an inverted prayer to the ancient gods that few pay attention to.
    We are not believers. Pray with us and enjoy the journey!
    No one will come to save you…
    released October 14, 2022

    Rowye: Drums
    Richie: Bass
    Ferran G: Electric Guitar
    Pope: Trumpet
    Ferran B: Bass Saxophone

    All Music by Coure

    Recorded and Mixed by Iban Rodriguez and Bernat Sánchez at La Palmera Studio, Barcelona.

    Mastered by Víctor Garcia at Ultramarinos Costa Brava.

    Album Artwork by Wrong-Culture.

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