Dark Blues Project – Howl at Her light (EP 2023)

    Howl at Her light (EP 2023)
    Heavy & Dark Sonics
    Conjured by witches & warlocks from The Down Under
    Ancient One Arises 00:00
    Howl at Her Light 05:13
    Lost in the Dream 09:57
    Ballad from the Void 14:31
    See Her in the Stars 19:25
    Howl at Her Light was recorded over a year-long period in conversation with the Red Queen. Through intensive and ongoing rituals, she has woven herself all through this one! The result is a solid set of heavy, and darkly groovy tunes, full of energy from Alpha to Omega.
    Hope you enjoy the vibes, and dig the tunes.

    Howl at Her Light EP
    Give Her your All, and She will give you everything
    (A ritual that never ends and is forever beginning)

    Track 1: Ancient One Arises
    Track 2 :Howl at Her Light
    Track 3 : Lost in the Dream
    Track 4: Ballad from the Void
    Track 5: See Her in the Stars
    released March 20, 2023

    Music: eviL doG
    Lead Guitar: Track #2,#3,#5 – Lucas Goddard
    Drums: Track #1 – Jim Dooley, Track #3,#4 – Lucas Goddard

    Studio Mixing & Mastering:

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