DEIMOON – Nocturne 3: The Hour of Wrath (Official Video)

    The third song from the EP “The Nocturnes, First Act: The Hour of Wrath”
    Music by Chag & Piotr
    Lyrics by Piotr

    Vocals & all instruments by Chag
    Guitars by Piotr
    Vocals on Nocturn #1 by Sandra
    Recording by Romain Salvi
    Mix & Mastering by Paul Pourchet

    Videos from Deimoon & Pexels. Many thanks to artists who share their works.
    DeiMoon is a Franco-Polish music project created by Chag and Piotr
    The artistic base is rooted in doom metal of the 90thies, enriched by modern elements and personalized by the influences of the two creators.

    Source 666MrDoom

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