Digital Carbs – Are We Taking It Slowly (Full Album 2022)

    Are We Taking It Slowly (2022)
    Music Videos
    Maniac –
    In Limbo –
    Indie / Psych / Prog Rock from Munich, Germany.

    1 In Limbo 00:00
    2 Maniac 05:08
    3 Daily Invocation 10:25
    4 Wash 15:04
    5 Revolt 21:55
    6 Just So You Know 26:37
    7 Campbells Chemical Cleanup 32:05
    8 Slowly 37:01
    Sounding intimate and almost fragile at times, you find yourself floating through psychedelic soundscapes before getting struck by a wall of roaring guitars. Sometimes dark and depressing, sometimes energetic and colorful. And sometimes both at the same time. A hint of nostalgia without ever feeling dated.

    … the dreamy guitars with volcanic eruptions, the giant bass bottom, the dramatic big drumming and, Johannes’ vocal aesthetic that feels lost in the space of his poetry, languid, mournful cries and tonal resolutions as lead guitar lines feel like they are literally shooting a million miles into space.
    – American Pancake

    Modern shamans of music still exist, and Digital Carbs are looking to make themselves belong to that tradition.
    – Alt77

    The arrangements have depth and it is all carefully curated to a degree that one pines for even better headphones to fully capture the majesty.
    This is an incredible debut release, fulsome, ambitious and most of all not extinguishing the light when that might have so easily being the denouement.
    – mp3hugger
    released April 22, 2022

    Source 666MrDoom

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