Doomed & Stoned: The Instrumentalists (Vol. III) | Full Album Compilation 2021

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    INTRODUCTION:”For the past several years, we’ve been noticing a significant upswing in the number of instrumental bands making their presence known on Bandcamp and elsewhere. That is, rock and metal collaborations that have opted to do without a singer. At first, I admit greeting such projects with a squint eye, but my skepticism quickly dissipated once I heard what they were capable of doing musically and artistically.

    Thus far in our four-volume series, we’ve borne witness to a bountiful array of heavy music-making talent who have turned the medium into practically its own form of art.

    Before us lay an eclectic collection of bands, several of whom have been significant game-changers in the sub-genre like Clouds Taste Satanic with their “character pieces” (in this case taking a page out of The Book of Revelation and animating it stunningly to life). The Brooklyn band’s prowess for creating visual tone poems is nothing short of stunning. They are at the forefront of creativity and innovation in this burgeoning genre.

    Another example is one-man band Hellvetika, brainchild of incredible musical mind Aaron D.C. Edge (who has been involved in too many bands to count). Here he doesn’t simply cover Kyuss, he transforms it into a sludgey beast that gives you a good idea of what’s in store for you when you dive into his voluminous catalogue.

    Still others, such as “endless jam band” Böse from Poland, completely improvise every single composition they commit to record, applying something of a jazz ethos towards psychedelic doom. To say they are prolific is an understatement once you see the discography they’ve amassed in only a couple of years.

    Once again, huge gratitude is due to Rob Hammer for helping me to organize this rather intimidating project (and to his mum for the stellar album art!), which has had us racking our brains and scouring the globe to find bands we think you’ll not only enjoy, but appreciate.

    With that said, it has been my joy to personally curate the arrangement before you in Doomed & Stoned: The Instrumentalists (Vol. III).

    Give ear…”

    Billy Goat
    Editor in Chief

    ‘Bringing you the music and the stories of the heavy underground, the world ’round. By the underground, for the underground, from the unholy year of 2013.’
    Special thanks to Rob Hammer’s mum, who once again supplied us with her artwork for this ambitious new series!

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    Doomed and Stoned Records
    Sharing the music and the stories of the heavy underground since 2013, Doomed & Stoned seeks to document the explosion in doom metal and stoner rock, two styles that have grown up together since the 1970s and exist today in incredible stylistic variation and artistic excellence.
    Exidia – Chicxulub 00:00
    Slow Order – Eternal Fire 04:35
    Wall – Obsidian 09:47
    Clouds Taste Satanic – Beast From The Sea 15:26
    Tormenta Púrpura – Haarp 22:20
    Bridesmaid – Hungry Like Nick Wolf 28:43
    Sonolith – Deep Space Leviathan 33:46
    All Of The Dirt All At Once – They Burnt My Car 42:50
    Hellvetika – One Inch Man (Kyuss cover) 49:18
    Uma – The Count 55:49
    Copper Age – RM-714 01:00:47
    Stoned Monkey – Stoned as Fuck 01:15:10
    Orangotango – Alba 01:20:27
    Heavy Relic – Look At Me (Doomed & Stoned Version) 01:32:46
    Smokestack Lightning – Lungbuster 01:39:00
    Thaw – Nameless City 01:46:55
    Böse – Towers of Misery 01:54:53
    released June 15, 2021

    Source 666MrDoom

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