Dunbarrow – Dunbarrow III

    Proto-doom from Haugesund, Norway.

    Roland Don Doom
    It’s marvelous! It’s sinister! It’s fantastic! It’s dark! I love this great band <3 \,,/

    Marcin Wielewski
    I think the band exceeded the border of proto-doom While listening to “Turn In Your Grave” I feel like I’m sitting in medieval tavern. Favorite track: Turn In Your Grave.

    David Yvinec
    A great progression by a band that already had an identity of its own with Dunbarrow II. The album is meant to be listen as an LP, with Turn In Your Gate as an absolutely beautiful melancholic acoustic folksy track ending side one. Vintage and yet modern. Heavy and yet delicate. Although Wishbone Ash comes to mind, the lyrics are darker and more desperate, and the music more distorted and cinematic. Quite unique and beautiful! Favorite track: Death That Never Dies.

    Dunbarrow III was recorded in Cederberg Studios in Kristiansand, Norway, April 2020. Produced by Espen Andersen. Mixed by Christer Cederberg. Mastered by Karl Klaseie. Released on BLUES FOR THE RED SUN.


    released May 28, 2021

    Dunbarrow is Espen Andersen (vocals), Eirik Øvregård (guitar), Kenneth Lønning (guitar), Sondre Berge (bass) and Pål Gunnar Dale (drums & percussion).

    Music by Dunbarrow. Lyrics by Richard Chappell except Curse and Turns to Dust by Dunbarrow.

    Special thanks to Auver Gaaren featuring on keys on Death That Never Dies and Turn In Your Grave.

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