EarthBong – Proceed As One (EP 2023)

    The two tracks of the ”proceed as one” EP were recorded live at the band’s rehearsal room in Kiel in 2020 by Ole Renders (who also mixed and mastered both tracks and is responsible for the recording, mixing and mastering of Earthbong’s 2nd album BONG RITES). As they are a bit faster and more straight-forward than most of the band’s output they were originally planned for a split-release which never came to live. Since the 3rd Earthbong album CHURCH OF BONG won’t be out before August 2023 and both songs being part of every Earthbong show for the past two years the band has decided to release these tracks on their own as an EP.

    With the opener Fathead you get what you expect from Earthbong: groovy riffs drenched in fuzz, nasty vocals, all kept together by sophisticated basslines and heavy yet versatile drumming. Despite being rather short for an Earthbong song, Fathead delivers more riffs in one song than ever and shows a band that’s capable of more than just putting riff after riff (eventhough that’s still a great thing to do!)
    Wax on the other hand is a solid proof that two riffs built of two Powerchords are more than enough for 6 minutes of straight forward riff-worship. Earthbong know their shit and love the riff!
    The artwork was created by french artist Tessa Najjar who also worked for Conan.

    Band Info:
    Earthbong is a three-piece doom band from Kiel/Germany. The band was formed in 2018 and released two albums so far, their 3rd album CHURCH Of BONG will be out in August 2023 through Black Farm Records. Without a doubt Earthbong are heading towards the riff-filled land with their unique blend of doom, metal and sludge: “They’re like a Bongzilla-Sleep-Milkshake. But they get it. They are their own thing.” (Mike Scheidt, YOB)
    Earthbong shared the stage with the ancestors of the bong metal genre like Bongzilla, Bongripper and Belzebong and earned a reputation as one of the heaviest live bands within the underground doom scene. Their vinyl debut BONG RITES sold out in less than a year. A dope doom bong metal force to be reckoned with.
    01 Fathead 00:00
    02 Wax 14:18


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