Edna Frau – My Ego Is Bigger than Yours

    Edna Frau are born from the need of the multi-instrumentalist Andrea Fioravanti to “escape” from the extreme sounds of his main band, Postvorta, to let the most catchy side of his musical passions emerge, the one influenced by post-punk, electro and bands like Soulwax, Interpol and Editors. With Vincenzo “Vins” Baruzzi, singer of The Doormen, he composed the debut album “My Ego Is Bigger than Yours”, produced with the collaboration of Riccardo Pasini (Studio 73).  Fabio Alessandrini, drummer of the Canadian thrasher band Annihilator played drums on the album. “My Ego Is Bigger than Yours” is out on June 25, 2021 via 22 Dicembre Records.

    Andrea Fioravanti :
    Guitar / Bass / Programming
    Vins Baruzzi : Vocals
    Fabio Alessandrini :
    Drums (Studio Only)
    Riccardo Pasini:
    Additional Programming

    Recorded @ La Fragile Mansarda
    By Andrea Fioravanti
    Mixed and Mastered by Riccardo Pasini @Studio 73

    Cover Artwork by Neroconcetto
    All videos by [email protected]


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