Electric Mother – II (Full Album 2021)

    II (2021)
    From the Northern Isles of Scotland, Electric Mother rages onto the scene with a new vision and drive. A low-tuned, powerhouse rock band from Orkney, Electric Mother strives to smash barriers and obliterate preconceptions. With an attitude as bold and in-your-face as the wall of sound that stuns you at their live shows, their high energy creates a frenzy among the crowd.
    Electric Mother
    Orkney, UK
    1. Omen 00:00
    2. Crucified 05:30
    3. Piety 09:22
    4. Whence 14:18
    5. Icarus 18:13
    6. Treacherous 24:13
    7. Bound 29:06
    8. Be 36:27
    9. Begotten 38:21
    The long awaited second album from Electric Mother
    released February 13, 2021

    Vocals: Calum Elder
    Guitar: Robert MacGregor
    Guitar: Andrew Taylor
    Drums: John Brown
    Bass: Eoin Thomson

    Source 666MrDoom

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