Eligia – Sun Dances

    From my upcoming album, that will be released around December 20th.
    I wrote the basis of this song nearly a year ago now, but converting it to the shoegaze genre really gave it new life.
    Big thanks again to Jack who sings on this one and will sing on all the non-instrumental songs in the album.

    I think the production techniques I used on the vocals in this single are quite interesting. Jack recorded three separate vocal takes which I then play all at the same time in the chorus. I pan one vocal to the left side of the mix, one to the right and one centered. The two vocal takes on either side are drenched in reverb and the effect of this feels like the vocals are coming from everywhere.
    The sun dances in the sky
    I could never leave you side
    The cloud hangs in the air
    And i’m lying here without a care

    Staring up at the blue sky
    The sun dances in your eyes
    There’s not a place I’d rather be

    Written, Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by Archie Sagers
    Vocals by Jack Jazrawy-Brown

    Independent record label based in Brighton -Dream Pop – Indie Rock – Ambient Music – Founded 2019 by Archie Sagers

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