Empty Trail – I Don’t Want the Truth

    Empty Trail – I Don’t Want the Truth
    Intense, Introspective Rock Sounds from Austin, TX Austin based band Empty Trail has officially released their single “I Don’t Want the Truth”. A song that begs a great question, is the truth always necessary? Is the truth even productive?

    Songwriter Rick Lambert states, “This song embodies something I’ve thought of an awful lot.
    I’ve always been an individual that has prioritized the truth or reality above all else. What I’ve
    found is, a lot of times the truth stings. Sometimes knowing it, allows us to make better
    decisions. Although sometimes it can just cripple us. I don’t know, in my opinion, knowing and
    focusing on the truth isn’t always productive and maybe sometimes it’s better to just not
    know.” The track boasts grunge-overdriven guitars and bass that have been made an Empty Trail
    staple. The same raspy and soaring vocals that were apparent in past releases “My World”,
    “Somewhere”, and “World Split in Two”.

    The artwork seems to be a metaphor for truth. A light bulb in the abstract. Empty Trail is close to passing 2 million total streams on Spotify. They have well over 10 million total views on YouTube. Their most popular platform is currently Instagram with 16,000 devoted followers and rising.

    source Stoned Meadow Of Doom

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