ERIK WØLLO: “INVERSIONS” (excerpts)

    Suite in 7 parts
    Digital release May 20 2022

    1: Inversion, part 1 (00:00)
    2: Inversion, part 2 (00:50)
    3: Inversion, part 3 (01:40)
    4: Inversion, part 4 (02:30)
    5: Inversion, part 5 (03:20)
    6: Inversion, part 6 (04:10)
    7: Inversion, part 7 (05:00)

    Total Time: 30:40

    All music composed, performed and produced by Erik Wøllo at Wintergarden Studio, Norway, 2017-2022

    Erik Wøllo: Electric guitars, Looping pedals and Effects
    Cover Image by Elisabeth Østensvik
    Graphic Cover Design by Sam Rosenthal
    © Erik Wøllo: BMI (USA/Canada) and TONO (rest of the world)

    Available on Bandcamp:

    Inversion: changing something into the opposite, turning it upside down. Seeing things from a different perspective.

    The minimal electronic music on Erik Wøllo’s seven-track INVERSIONS mini-album was performed entirely on electric guitars in his living room in Norway. They’re inward meditations of stillness and reflection — an emotional mapping of the mind, weightless and beautifully contemplative.

    “As a composer and musician for 40 years, musical ideas surround my mind all the time. My musical flow becomes an important part of who I am, it becomes a way of living. The best musical ideas often arrive in the middle of doing something else. In order to catch these ideas as they appear, I have guitars and loopers available in the rooms of my house. In fact, in my kitchen there is a nice spot for rehearsing, and I have a guitar and a looper always available ready to record. Over the last few years this has resulted in a lot of interesting, intuitive and exciting sketches. For this EP I collected some of the best performances into a suite in 7 short episodes (totaling 30 minutes). All of these tracks are performed on various electric guitars, looping pedals and effects. No synthesizers. Very minimalistic, ambient and abstract experimental. I use a lot of backwards techniques and play against these. Inverting the intervals, scales or phrases. Reversing the order of the musical material inside the compositions.”

    “Later in my studio I played back the looper machines into two guitar amps in stereo, giving the music a smooth-colored sound. I recorded them using my best microphones to capture the performances and also to capture some of the acoustic room ambience. I wanted a close up and spontaneous living room feel on the whole album. A calm here-and-now attitude, at the same time with a lot of space. A kind of macro/micro perspective, like an astronaut sitting in a space station looking down on earth thinking about the dinner smell at his home kitchen far down there on earth. Or vice versa.”

    INVERSIONS is an ethereal sonic experience where emotional atmospheres flow within slowly evolving ambient textures, music with gentle and quiet passages created in beautiful real-time performances.

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