Evert Snyman & The Aviary – More Over (Official Video)


    Lead track taken from the new LP “Pruning In The Dark” is an energetic, and heavy offering.

    “More Over was originally intended as an ending to another track on the new album, but it ended up taking a life of its own. The whole song came out of a jam I had with Leon Kemp (Spectral Realm / In Misery / Portraits of Flesh) and Chris Van Renen (Acid Magus / Ruff Majik). Chris, who did the Lead guitar and synthesiser on the track didn’t think it would work as a song until I played it for him with freshly tracked vocals. The song is about feeling guilty about every mistake you’ve made in your life. The main riff of the song is peppered throughout the new album on other tracks kinda like a recurring theme, which I only realised once the album was done. It’s one of my favourite tracks on the album because it’s so fun to play….” – Evert Snyman

    Recorded & produced at Evert Snyman’s own Pariah Studios ‘Pruning In The Dark’ is the first to feature Snyman’s entire band, The Aviary (including a host of guest musicians). These guests, of course, are also prominent members of various prestigious South African Stoner / Fuzz / Psych Rock bands (Shadowclub, Ruff Majik, Caution Boy). In lieu of COVID-19 confinements Snyman was hell bent to ensure that Pruning In The Dark was a completely collaborative effort (which presented a few pandemic safe face-to-face challenges). resulting approach is a much heavier offering than 2021’s debut ‘Hot Mess’, which saw Snyman steering not only the albums engineering, mixing and mastering alone, but also the album’s instrumentation and performances.

    We had a lot of fun making ‘Pruning In The Dark’ and that translates through every f*cking song from beginning to end! I’m incredibly proud of this album“ – Evert Snyman

    “A fearless and unabated songwriter, he speaks to our hidden emotions…” The Heavy Chronicles
    “One of the most creative musicians from the SA Stoner Rock scene…” Outlaws Of The Sun
    “A melting pot of ideas and styles that transcends conventional ideas of genre…” Texx and the City



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