“Fiery punch shock explodes OSCE-Finnish cabbage!” – Rare-finnish-psych-Nugget-proto-heavy-riff-Worship-boogie collection compiled by Ville Pirinen

    Svart Records will release the Superkingi compilation album in June. Ville Pirinen, the author’s author, chairman and author of the editorial board of the masterpiece, called the record company’s hotline just before the pre-sale began and told in an accelerated, even slightly commanding tone, the starting point for this shocking compilation album.

    – “An imaginary, pulsating moment by the moldy vinyl lotus of the lodge flea market: an unprecedented domestic compilation album from the 1970s strikes the eyes of even a hardened renter. So some kind of Blasting, Top Hits, Satsanga Rock, Nice Muse, Hatrock, Kotipath, Pop Masters or Rock Rallye 77 type blasting. The imaginary name could be JYTÄPOMMI in 1975.

    An imaginary, pulsating moment at home by the record plate: The “jytä-Jooseppi” of the smoking basket is like a carefully recorded, agrarian prelude sung in Finnish. The Deep Purple-type joy riff grinds, the vocalist moans like a young Danzig. The sounds, down to the hanging fuzz solo, are satanic. Viljo “Fist” Nyyssönen’s fierce drum fillets sound like rolled-out potatoes from sacks to cardboard boxes. Even the rural humorous lyrics don’t hurt, because musically there is time for RARE FINNISH PSYCH NUGGET PROTO HEAVY RIFF WORSHIP BOOGIETA!

    A similar arc of experience has been achieved with several real record acquisitions. Happy coincidences lurk there

    here in uneven soups. Before “everything” could be checked on the internet, one fierce change

    the cheap plate purchased in the amount seemed a reasonable success rate. This collection, based on songs excavated from Warner Music’s catalog, aims to offer a new, utopian opportunity for the Finnish-language rock jockey hunter. All the songs from start to finish are CONDITIONAL MUSA.

    Condensed international acid rain from a Beatles-Hendrix-Zeppelin-Sabbath continuum is filtered through a Härmä lichen bed into local groundwater. A peculiar crossing of Finnish music genres is growing for beautiful crooks. The end result is something that would have been described in contemporary magazines, at least in Favorites, Intro or Help, with some mild expression in style.

    The brilliant but general Superkingi collection LP and CD compiled by musician-cartoonist Ville Pirinen will be released on June 22, 2022. Both versions are already on sale at Svart Records’ online record store and on the websites of all the highest quality record dealers throughout the universe.

    Test the Super Shoe

    Jig-Saw: Superkingi

    Hard Rock Allowed: Little woman

    V / A: Supercing LP / CD (Pre-sale link):

    V/A: Superkingi LP/CD

    A1. Jig-Saw: Superkingi

    A2. Kirka: Igor

    A3. Dead End 5: The Death of a Big City

    A4. Sulo’s Rock Band: Stone Heart

    A5. Apostles: A stranger from the rain

    A6. Haikara: American look

    A7. Apollo: Hideki Tojo 1884–1948

    B1. Yellow: Go back

    B2. Paroni Paakkunainen: Plastic maailma – full length version

    B3. Danny: Rock singer only

    B4. Esko Nummisuutari: One Road

    B5. Woodoo: Creed

    B6. Hard Rock Allowed: Little woman

    (Could be translated from Finnish)

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