Filthy Hippies – Walk In The Sun (Official Video)

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    Acclaimed South African shoegazer’s ‘Filthy Hippies’ release ‘Walk In The Sun’ taken from new studio collection ‘Share The Pill’.

    Boasting Phil Spector’esque walls of sound, fuzz-toned indie, and deep routed alternative inflections ‘Share The Pill’ traverses panoramas of reverberated rock and roll resulting in an alternative masterclass unencumbered by contemporary de rigueur.

    Established in 2018 Filthy Hippies is a South African Alternative trio with a strong undercurrent of Shoegaze influences. The band quickly established themselves as solid contenders in the explosive, burgeoning South African psych scene and list supporting Post-punk band Dangerfield’s album launch, and 2019’s Endless Daze Festival as current highlights. Filthy Hippies create a sound that is best described as a Phil Spector’esque wall of sound hitched to deep routed pop inflections.

    Feel It
    Never Without You

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