GEEZER/ISAAK – Interstellar Cosmic Blues & The Riffalicious Stoner Dudes // HPS Records

    Interstellar Cosmic Blues & The Riffalicious Stoner Dudes is the brand new split album featuring ISAAK and GEEZER.
    The release will see the light on May 17th via Heavy Psych Sounds.




    As the “Interstellar Cosmic Blues” half of this EP, we consider these songs to be some of the best that we’ve produced. Songs that could all be “singles” all on their own. And they better be because “The Riffalicious Stoner Dudes” brought some savage riffage of their own! Put it all together with amazing artwork by Mirkow Gastow and release it on Heavy Psych Sounds, the BEST record label on the planet… and you’ve got all the makings of a great record! A modern classic right out of the box. Dig it!

    Songs 1 & 4 Recorded and Mixed by David Andersen at the Artfarm (Accord, New York)
    Songs 2 & 3 Recorded and Mixed by Chris Bittner at the Applehead Recording (Woodstock, New York)
    All Songs Mastered by Scott Craggs

    Art comes from change and experimentation.
    These three songs are exactly that.
    Three songs, three different souls.

    This recording session is born from the collaboration of some friends invited by the band, and these are:
    Fabio Cuomo from Gotho & Liquido di Morte – THE WHALE
    Fabio Palombi from Nerve & Burn the Ocean – CRISIS
    And last but not the least, Levre from Ufomammut – FLAT EARTH

    RECORD LABEL & BOOKING – Heavy Psych – Stoner – 70’s – Retro Rock – Vintage

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