German Melancholic Dark Metallers AUTUMNBLAZE Unveil ‘Auf zerfetzten Schwingen’ Full Album Details

    German Melancholic Dark Metallers AUTUMNBLAZE Unveil ‘Auf zerfetzten Schwingen’ Full Album Details

    German Melancholic Dark Metallers AUTUMNBLAZE have at last revealed the full album details for ‘Auf zerfetzten Schwingen,’ scheduled for release via Argonauta Records on February 23, 2024.

    Album tracklisting:

    1. Die Unseligen
    2. Niedertracht
    3. Offenes Grab
    4. Auf zerfetzten Schwingen
    5. Wie soll ich dir ein Morgen schenken
    6. Vater Mutter Kind
    7. Der letzte Gruß
    8. Morast
    9. Zerfetzt
    The iconic album cover, a striking visual embodiment of music and lyrics, once again bears the artistic touch of the talented Friederieke Myschik, who already convinced with her handcrafted work on the ‘Welkin Shores Burning’ record.
    “Following the release of ‘Welkin Shores Burning,’ we embarked on an ambitious journey to create a sequel, driven by our unwavering passion for music. Yet, fate intervened with a simple computer crash, erasing the songs we had already recorded.

    Amidst this setback, the tragic war in Ukraine shook us to our core, inspiring a powerful transformation in our musical direction. We knew we had to create something entirely unique, something that would make a meaningful impact. It was during this time that I proposed recording an entire album in German to Arisjel. In a matter of weeks, I composed the music for ‘Auf zerfetzten Schwingen’ like in a Fever and, as always, Arisjel and I collaborated on the lyrics.
    The result is an album that flows from the deepest recesses of our hearts, capturing the very essence of who we were and who we have become. With children of our own, we’ve always championed the cause of the innocent, a cause we hold dear. We refuse to accept that any child should perish in the horrors of war.
    ‘Auf zerfetzten Schwingen’ stands as our resounding manifesto against war, hatred, and violence. It is an album shrouded in hauntingly beautiful anthems, serving as a poignant reminder of the perils of ignorance and blind fear.” – Markus (vocals, guitars, bass)

    Arisjel (drums & percussion) adds: “In the wake of our acclaimed album ‘Welkin Shores Burning,’ our creative journey for the next chapter took an unexpected turn. It was a moment of revelation when Markus uttered, ‘We can’t sing about ourselves in this turbulent world.’ His words struck a chord, resonating deeply with our collective exhaustion from the pandemic’s grasp and the unrelenting global turmoil.
    In response, we embarked on a musical and lyrical odyssey, this time exclusively in the German language. The result is a direct, unvarnished, and musically fervent creation that abandons our traditional dreamy and ethereal style. ‘Auf zerfetzten Schwingen’ is a departure, encapsulating a raw, unapologetic, and dark essence while retaining the quintessential magic of Autumnblaze.
    This dark pearl was meticulously crafted in Studio E under the skilled hands of Markus Stock and adorned with breathtaking cover artwork by Friederieke Myschik, an integral part of our artistic collective. Join us on this fearless evolution as we navigate uncharted territory, delivering a fresh and unfiltered perspective through our music. Experience ‘Auf zerfetzten Schwingen’ and immerse yourself in the relentless spirit of Autumnblaze.”

    Also, previously, Autumnblaze has released the official music video for ‘Niedertracht.’ Watch it here:

    The band shares their thoughts on ‘Niedertracht’:
    ‘Niedertracht,’ stands as one of our most profound artistic creations. Its music and lyrics poured forth like an impassioned river. We earnestly aspire for its message condemning war and violence to reach even those ensnared by the chaos of conflict.’ – Markus (vocals, guitars, bass)

    Arisjel (drums & percussion) adds: ‘Awakening from a profound slumber, we hold a mirror to a world on the edge. Our new single, ‘Niedertracht,’ part of the album ‘Auf zerfetzten Schwingen,’ is a bold, energetic statement about the current state of humanity. It encapsulates the album’s essence, offering a raw reflection of our world’s complexities.’

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