Giorgio Moroder and Suomi – Svart Records publish the composer’s collection of translation songs

    A pioneer of electronic music Giorgio Moroder (April 26, 1940, Ortisei, Italy) is an internationally recognized composer and producer who also left his mark on the history of Finnish popular music. During the peak years of Moroder’s composition work in the 1970s and 1980s, his production was translated into Finnish. Black Records will release a compilation album in June containing twelve Moroder Finland concerts from the opening pop of the career to the end-to-end electronic disco music.

    Early in his career, Giorgio Moroder gained popularity as a pop pop singer. At the time, he was composing music mainly for himself, but gradually began to produce material for other artists as well. Soon his songs Son of My Father (1971) rose to worldwide popularity, carried on Ilkka Lipsanen eli Dannyn ears and finally a version made of it From the road to the house was released in 1972. The song became a huge hit and this was the beginning of the Finnish series of Moroder translations, which lasted until the late 1980s. In addition to Danny, among others The people of Koivisto, Rope Rosti and Mona Carita During his career, Moroder published translations of Moroder ‘s international hits – with varying degrees of success.

    In the late 1970s, Moroder’s interest shifted to film music. His compositions began to be commissioned for major Hollywood productions such as Midnight express train and Arpinaama. Versions of popular film music hits were also made in Finland, perhaps the best known of which is the Mona Carita version Flashdancethe theme song of the film What A Feelingwhich was transformed into a lyricist Raul Reiman from pen to shape What’s up.

    Towards the end of the last millennium, Moroder moved from the compositional side to other areas of the music business. At the same time, Finnish music producers began to focus on their own composition work, and on the other hand, the need for translations began to decrease as citizens’ language skills increased. Yet Moroder’s songs are recognized throughout the world and for several generations. Many of his translations are also an important part of the collective memory of Finnish popular music today.

    Svart Records is published by a journalist and non-fiction writer Mikko Mattlarin compiled The Sun Shines at Night – Giorgio Moroder in Finnish 1972–1989collection in vinyl and CD format 22.6.2022.

    The Sun Shines at Night – Giorgio Moroder in Finnish 1972–1989 (ennakkomyyntilinkki)

    The Sun Shines at Night – Giorgio Moroder in Finnish 1972–1989

    Mona Carita: What a Feeling

    The Sun Shines At Night – Giorgio Moroder in Finnish 1972–1989

    A1. DANNY: MAANTIELTÄ TALOON –The sun shines at night– (3:13)

    A2. THE PEOPLE OF KOIVISTO: IT’S TIME –Good Grief Christina– (3:21)

    A3. DANNY: THE WORLD IS CHANGING TODAY – Cigarettes Women And Wine– (3:11)

    A4. VIRVE ROSTI: ANTAUDUN –Giving up Giving in– (4:04)

    A5. MONA CARITA: CALL ME – Call Me (Theme from American Gigolo) – (3:40)

    A6. VIRVE ROSTI: OHARI –The Runner– (3:50)

    B1. MARKKU ARO: LADY LADY LADY –Lady Lady Lady– (4:24)

    B2. EINI: PUT THE LIGHTS OFF –Vamos a bailar– (3:42)

    B3. MONA CARITA: WHAT YOU FEEL! –Flashdance… What a Feeling– (3:49)

    B4. TARJA JYKYLÄ: IF THE LIGHTS TURN OFF –Turn Out the Night– (3:10)

    B5. SEIJA SIMOLA: I TRUST IN LOVE –Thief of Hearts– (3:36)

    B6. TAUSKI PELTONEN & amp; MEIJU SUVAS: HAND IN MY ME – Hand in Hand– (4:13)

    (Could be translated from Finnish)

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