Glitter dusts, the jar sticks to her hair and longing tears her heart to pieces – Cat releases a new single with a video of rescuing a dog!

    With his debut album released in the summer of 2021 Dangerous band dazzled the audience Cat is here again. Washed in a dangerous band was a dream come true, and now the multi-sensory ensemble pumping rock, glazed with glitter and sequins, serves magical and defiant power pop on the records.

    Falling in love is the best horrible thing a person can experience. Cat’s new single Black light is a story of a longing for touch and the crippling despair that envelops the heart when you realize your love is out of reach. It hurts and feels like the heart is exploding. Wondering why me?

    Black light is sentimental and has depth, but at the same time it freezes with explosive force. It’s a power pop that draws on alternative aesthetics and channels rock energy. The text is based on Electric shock of the band of the same name. Behind the original text are the Cat’s own gold button Jussi Himberg as well as the legendary Modern Life band Timo Lehtonen. The singer-guitarist grabbed the hoe and roared everything new, more suitable for his own mouth. The text was brought to this day, the words changed places, and more were brought in — even a whole new verse. This is how the story took on a new meaning and now it lives its own life without forgetting its parents.

    In connection with the story of the song, a short film-like video has also been worked out during the spring, which has recently premiered on the band’s record company’s website.

    – “Although the song itself is a story of the painful longing, hopes and dreams of the unreachable, the video tells its own story. It is a story of courage and love. The cat and the dog shake hands, and go to battle together. Evil gets paid, ”explains the band’s lead character Kivioja Marco Menestrinabackgrounds for the video you control.

    Svart Records releases Cat Black light -singlen digitally on May 13, 2022 and the song will also be released as a 7 ”vinyl single on September 23, 2022.

    13.5. Cat – Black Light (Digital)

    13.5. Cat – Black Light / Hot Glow 7 ”(pre-sale link)

    Black light


    Günter Kivioja

    Tytti Roto

    Jussi Himberg

    Sampo Kääriäinen

    Oskari Ahtola

    Valtteri Lindholm

    The cat’s journey began in the spring of 2020 with the need for singer / guitarist and songwriter Günter Kivioja to unleash his creative energy and harness an entity that pulsates with its raw primordial power and pop sensitivity. Around him, he assembled a super alternative line-up of Finnish Alternative Music, with familiar faces from bands and connections such as Ty Roxy, Ghost World, Kaleidobolt, Hard Action, Chestburster, Plastic Tones, Tamara Luonto and Acid Runs.

    Summer Cat Tour 2022

    13.05. Rhythm repair shop, Seinäjoki
    14.05. Spring of Life, Olympia, Tampere
    21.05. House Of Rock, Kouvola
    10.06. Rock In The City, Vantaa
    10.06. Summer peace, Turku
    11.06. Rock In The City, Kuopio
    17.06. Sideways, Helsinki
    30.06. Province, Seinäjoki
    01.07. House Of Olaf, Savonlinna
    02.07. Rock In The City, Kouvola
    10.07. Ruisrock, Turku
    15.07. Bättre Folk Festival, Hailuoto
    16.07. Rock In The City, Rovaniemi
    17.07. Haihatus, Joutsa
    20.07. Telakka, Tampere
    21.07. Tavastia, Helsinki
    30.07. Rock In The City, Kerava
    05.08. Porispere, Pori
    20.08. Kyröfest, Isokyrö
    26.08. Festival, Tampere

    (Could be translated from Finnish)

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