Gutterblood – HARD GANDHI (EP 2023)

    HARD GANDHI (EP 2024)
    Gutterblood, noun, Scottish.
    A person of inferior breeding. One of the rabble.
    Gutterblood/Scotland, UK
    Hard Gandhi 00:00
    Gardyloo 06:55
    Mr X (remastered) 09:32
    Old Town Young Team (remastered) 15:48
    Featuring our brand NEW track ‘Hard Gandhi’, ‘Gardyloo’ and two tracks from our self titled debut album ‘Mr X’ and ‘Old Town Young Team’
    Any extra pennies you can give for the digital download will greatly help toward financing our vinyl version as we are essentially making a loss to release this wee gem of an item 😉
    released January 1, 2024

    Recorded by Tommy Duffin at 16 Ohm in Glasgow 2022/2023
    Music – Gutterblood
    Vocals – Tom McFadden

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