“Hard Fat rolls into your consciousness through fog and madness”

    The band’s new EP of seven songs will be released for Midsummer

    Hard Fat releases a new one An even future EP in mid-June. Ville Valavuon (mm. Hard Action, Towards Destruction) is a much – anticipated sequel to the sold – out three years ago The Hand of the Evil Wife 12 ”to the EP – by reprint Black Records will publish, like the new EP, on 18.6.2021.

    Due to the situation in the world, Hard Fat has had to compile its new material so that the songs could not be tested in front of a live audience. On the other hand, the end of the tour has guaranteed a well-deserved break, during which it has been possible to compose new songs in the midst of basic rushes. So everything has its side.

    – “Equal to the future has not so straightforwardly drawn from a single source or theme, but hoped for a clearer transition from hardcore punk to thrash metal. In the lyrics, the ideas have been small snapshots or thoughts that do not provide straightforward political statements, but address themes that are important to the speaker, such as slavery in paid work. The song Fat Militia can be told in advance that don’t be intimidated by its militant name. The lyrical idea is a reference and localization of an early 80s thrash song. Hard Fat rolls into your consciousness through fog and madness, ”the band explores the backgrounds of their new release.

    The background of the band, which has toured Europe and South America, includes numerous classic bands from Finland’s newer punk and hardcore, such as Khatarina, Death, Selfish mixed Macabre Gallows. With the new record, interest is slowly starting to turn to tours, but conditions are not being defied.

    – “We have already tentatively arranged a couple of festival gigs in Finland and abroad in August, but on the other hand, the world is expected to open up in peace. At first we would like to do a small tour in Sweden and Denmark because we love touring Scandinavia. After that, we will hopefully head to Greece, Spain and Portugal. ”

    Kovaa Rasvaa’s Evening for the Future will be released in mid-June and the mini-disc’s first single, Rules, will be released digitally on Friday, May 7, 2021. The song is now in pre-listening to Svart Records YouTubeon the channel

    (Could be translated from Finnish)

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