HazeHound – High Fever (EP 2022)

    High Fever (EP 2022)
    Cassette release available by From the Urn Records
    ✠ Low-Life ✠ ✠ Motorcycle ✠ ✠ Dad Rock ✠
    The Marauding biker pack HazeHound has started after a chaotic drug cocktail bender .
    Pure Low life motorcycle dad rock was then created on the way back from a run , cruising in the byways.
    A Quarrel For the outcasts , An anthem for burning tires and Full Throttle Mayhem for ruthless dystopians .
    The Reflection on decades of sub counter culturar sensation of bikerploitation fiction and horror is what that brought them here .
    Montreal, Québec
    Take The Trip 00:00
    Ooze 04:31
    Cycle Psycho 09:15
    mix-master : studio Artemis (Francois lefebvre)
    Artwork : Brouemaster
    recorded by Hazehound

    Cassette release available by From the Urn Records

    Source 666MrDoom

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