Hebosagil, a pioneer of the New Wave of Finnish Suomi Rock genre signs to Svart and announces new album

    Hebosagil, based in Oulu, Northern Finland, has been a part of the lives of its thirtysomething musicians for more than 15 years. The band has survived an early thrash metal period and then transitioned into a more refined, but no less complicated entity, in whose output the grand tradition of domestic Finnish rock, punishing sludge and other forms of extreme metal and noise rock are woven together. The band have signed with Black, and the first fruit of the new collaboration, the album Overnight, will hit the shops in February.

    The album Overnight, the band’s fifth, sees Hebosagil move from one style to another with the finesse of a seasoned professional, and the album’s moods range from fragile moments of clarity to the gloomiest chords heard from the band to date. Finnish rock, punk and extreme metal walk hand in hand only to throw themselves into a shredder, resulting in energetic, constantly interesting works of sound, in which a surprisingly varied set of elements have been mutilated into atoms and built back together with care and a sense of balance.

    The band’s Finnish lyrics deal largely with the transitive nature of mundane glory. Overnight can be seen as a symbolic farewell to childhood, with the cover art depicting an old derelict ship in the woods. In reality this ship was used as a prop in a shopping mall which the band members frequented as kids, and the ship had a candy store inside it. As the years passed, the shop folded, and the ship was taken out to rot.

    Overnight will be released on February 25th, 2022, and it can be pre-ordered via the Svart webstore. The first digital single, This has been seen, is out via all digital service providers on Friday, December 3rd. It is, however, playable right now on the Svart YouTube channel:

    03.12. Hebosagil: This is seen (digital pre-order)

    03.12. Hebosagil: Overnight (CD / LP) pre-order link

    “These Finns have crawled beyond their noise-rock roots to create something bizarrely transcendental. Gristly low-end collides with shoegazing shimmers, post-hardcore smarts and an emotional depth as moving as it is momentous.”

    -Metal Hammer, Alex Denner

    (Could be translated from Finnish)

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