HIEMS – Stranger in a Wasteland (Official Music Video)

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    β–Ί Video credits:
    Video recorded in Novara.
    Shooting and editing by Maurizio Del Piccolo.
    (Moviedel Italia Productions –
    Video concept by Alessandro “Algol” Comerio.
    Stranger girl interpreted by Martina Tomasoni.

    β–Ί Audio credits:
    Alessandro “Algol” Comerio: drums, guitars, bass, vocals, fx.
    Recorded in Piacenza at Elfo Studio.
    Engineered by Daniele Mandelli.
    Mixed by Alessandro “Algol” Comerio and Daniele Mandelli.
    Produced, composed and performed by Alessandro “Algol” Comerio.
    Mastered by Giovanni Versari.
    Special Guests:
    Elisabetta Marchetti: additional vocals.
    Gabriel Minuta: guitar solo.
    Paolo “Apollo” Negri: hammond organ.

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    β–Ί Lyrics:
    White eyes – into Darkness
    Black lips – smiling back at Death
    I’m reckless
    A twisted mind with no regrets
    Born graceless
    On a bleak ridge alone I stand
    No solace

    I am a stranger in a wasteland
    And what I feel you can’t comprehend

    I stare at the night sky
    Can’t see the road below
    I don’t care
    To see the Light one has to fall
    My spirit lives there
    Amidst the burning Universe
    Home nowhere
    Both a blessing and a curse

    My heart is out of tune
    My heart is not in tune

    I’m reckless
    My heart is out of tune
    I don’t care

    I am a stranger in a wasteland
    And what I feel you can’t comprehend

    No crowd to fit – No sacred soil
    No fireplace lit – Endless turmoil
    No side to take – No flag to rise
    No harbor safe – Our worlds collide

    And when Winter comes
    Hopes like leaves are gone
    And I can hear Her song
    In a field of thorns

    “You’re a stranger in a wasteland
    You were born alone
    You will die alone”

    #Hiems #StrangerInAWasteland #BlackMetal #HardRock #Groove #Italy

    source Agonia Records

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