Hualun – wʌndərlænd +5 (Full Album)

    1-Silently (0:09)
    2-Crow (11:23)
    3-No Signal In This City (20:51)

    Released 20/04/2020 on Bandcamp as a cassette, selling out in 3 hours.


    Hualun (花伦), an experimental / ambient rock band from Wuhan, China, formed nearly 15 years ago. Their music is characterised by repeating guitar loops and improvised synthesizer, creating unique and dense soundscapes which convey complex emotion.

    Normality – or that which we used to consider “normal” – seems like a distant memory at the moment, with the advent of lock-down in the UK, in the fight against coronavirus. I have read a number of heart-warming stories over the past few weeks: the nation taking to the streets to clap the brave NHS workers battling the virus on the front lines; communities going above and beyond to help each other in the face of adversity; bandcamp agreeing to waive their fee for struggling independent artists. I feel privileged to be able to add my own, heart-warming story to this list…

    It is an honour to introduce, Hualun. I was first contacted by the band in February, whilst they were trapped in isolation. Having been stuck at home for the preceding month, they reached out with the purpose of creating a cassette for the fifth installment in their experimental, ambient series: “wʌndərlænd”. At that stage, the prospect of isolation or lock-down was completely unknown here in the UK, but the band themselves were in the eye of the storm. They sent me this message, from Wuhan, on 1st March:

    “Please pay attention to your safety and prepare masks. Peace to you”.

    For them to reach out in such a way, and with such empathy, gave me an instant connection with the band. Just as the members were able to strike a chord with me, so too has their music with many other people.

    “Silently” and “No Signal In This City”, are both set to appear in a new film (“244”) by German director, Luis Schubert, who has clearly recognised the emotional qualities of their sound. This film is set for release in the autumn of 2020.

    The band found their big break in 2018 when they were asked to score the music of the film “An Elephant Sitting Still”. It was the first and last film from the Chinese novelist and director, Hu Bo; and it found great critical success, winning the audience choice award at numerous different film festivals.

    “wʌndərlænd” contains some pieces of our life,which recorded and restored the moments we felt were a little unexpected” – Hualun
    released April 20, 2020

    Written, Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by – Hualun

    Hualun is:
    Synthesizer – Ding Mao
    Guitar Loop – Zooo

    Cover Design – Ding Mao
    Cassette Design – Hualun and Archie Sagers
    Published by – Crafting Room Recordings


    Independent record label based in Brighton -Dream Pop – Indie Rock – Ambient Music – Founded 2019 by Archie Sagers

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