IAmber (Finland) Signs With Wormholedeath

    Finnish noisy post-rock band IAmber is proud to announce that they have signed with Wormholedeath Records for the reissue of their latest album, “Mercurial Shakes”. The album, which was previously self-released, will be reissued on a wider scale with Wormholedeath, giving the band a larger platform to showcase their unique sound and style. The band stated: We are excited to get together with Wormholedeath in releasing and promoting our work and are grateful for the opportunities and creative freedom that are possible with this collaboration. Hopefully, we are in for a fruitful ride with the label. (Teemu Elo, bass) “Mercurial Shakes” is not a concept album in the strict sense, but it has some central themes that are recurring throughout the tracks. These themes revolve around the cyclic and repeating nature of time and life as well as the ever-more manifesting change in the state of the natural environment on our planet. It addresses a few key feelings that have manifested from these themes, that needed to be let out and preserved in the songs. The writing of the album was a very intuitive process, utilizing some ideas first conceived many years ago and merging them together with new ones to mould the songs. The recording was done in the Finnish countryside near Jyväskylä in two sessions. Musically a lot of influence comes from the so-called post-metal-type sound, but overall the inspirations are pretty diverse and the sound has always been evolving into something else. As always, the goal was to cultivate our sound and let it grow in its own direction. As with every release we have made, on this album, there was also a kind of “auteur” approach to the work, as we handled all creative aspects and decisions ourselves (from music production to album artwork). Launched from Turenki, Finland in 2011, IAmber rides the deep currents of noisy post-rock & sludgy metal, capturing sounds that can evoke images of autumn twilight, the nameless dread of existence, the dust of Pompeii, or the glow of a secret fire. Explorers of some loud genres with the prefix “post-” will find familiar echoes in the band’s soundscape, but there are also hints of alternative melodies and beauty within. Before “Mercurial Shakes”, IAmber released two albums, “Agalma” (2014) and “Rueris” (2016) and an EP “True Will Directs the Path”(2018).

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