Jupu Group is making a comeback with a new line-up after a break of almost fifty years

    Jupu Group the story began in the 70s as a classically trained violinist-composer Juhani “Jupu” Poutanen founded the band at a time of progevity that “haunted” the world. The functional culmination of the short-lived line-up was experienced in 1975 when Jupu Group released its only remaining album Ahmoo. HiHat Records In addition to Poutanen, the album was released on the album Jukka Linkolaa, Upi Sorvalia, Ilkka Hanskia mixed Janne Louhivuorta. Unfortunately, the path of the band’s membership went in different directions before the release of the album, but later generations gradually raised Ahmooalbum to its corresponding value. In 2016, Svart Records re-released the album first on vinyl and two years later on CD.

    Now the band, led by Juhani Poutanen, has risen from almost half a century of hibernation. He put together a band of young musicians for the new Jupu Group album. Released in May Clogged paths contains both new instrumental pieces and Helena Anhavan, Helvi Juvonen, Otomo no Yakamoch as well as singing in a band America Ahlqvistin fresh compositions made into poems. The material is united by a certain sadness when the lyrics deal with loneliness, animal suffering, and death.

    – “I am addressed by the quiet thoughts of lonely people. The quiet state and sensitivity of the senses that I have wanted to look for in the compositions of the album have disappeared from life. I have always been a sworn protector of animals, so nature and animals also appear in the songs as a recurring theme, ”says Juhani Poutanen.

    The first single on the album Would he turn his back the lyrical essence is found in man’s need to avoid encountering the hurtfulness of his own actions by means of reproduction. According to the band’s singer and songwriter Meerika Ahlqvist, the lyrics tell the story of “a typical way for a person to turn their back on the suffering caused by their carelessness.

    Svart Records will release Jupu Group’s new album Umpeen growing grows on May 27, 2022 on CD, digitally and in a limited vinyl edition of 350 songs. The release of the album will be celebrated on June 4, 2022 in Bar Loose together with Vesa Aaltonen Prog Band, whose debut album Studio Live will be released at the end of March.

    18.3. Jupu Group: Closed paths LP / CD (pre-sale link)

    Clogged paths

    18.3. Jupu Group: Would he turn his back (digital pre-order link)

    Jupu Group 2022

    Meerika Ahlqvist – laulu

    Lotta Ahlbeck – electric violin and backing vocals

    Otto Porkkala – guitar

    Mikko Patama – keyboards

    Heikki Saarenkunnas – bass

    Oscar Niemi – drums

    (Could be translated from Finnish)

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