Karkara – All Is Dust (Full Album)

    1. Monoliths
    2. The Chase
    3. On Edge
    4. Moonshiner
    5. Anthropia
    6. All Is Dust

    With this explosive new album, KARKARA takes us on a post-apocalyptic story that unfolds in a future where mankind finds itself powerless to cope with the lack of resources and the big collapse, already well under way, of society as we know it.

    During the 43 minutes of this album, we follow the trials and tribulations of a character trying to escape his miserable condition. Following a vision, he betrays his «tribe» and starts a frantic quest in search of an Eldorado, where nature and civilisation have been spared from the collapse : the city of Anthropia.

    The six chapters of the story – matching to the six tracks on the album – tell the story of this hellish quest of flight, confrontation and hallucinations towards this Eldorado, which we discover at the end, on the last track of the album : «All Is Dust». In rea- lity, the city of his dreams is nothing but ruins and dust. In the midst of this rubble, in infinite despair and uncontrolled rage, the character understands that the paradise he thought existed has yet to be built, and that its foundations are to be found in what remains of humanity.

    Observing the world around them, the three musicians project their apprehensions and anxieties in a contemporary reality where everything seems to be crumbling around them. Their aim on this record is to immerse the listener in a narrative : a music that is global and immersive, that will carry you away from track to track by perfectly executed transitions.

    With tracks ranging from stoner (‘‘On Edge’’) and psychedelic (‘‘Moonshiner’’) to heavy kraut (‘‘The Chase’’), the album is incredibly rich, and KARKARA even invited additional musicians such as Jérôme Biévelot on the saxophone and Simon Barrière on the trumpet.

    For the recording and mastering, the band worked with film music composer Olivier Cussac (Slift, Les As de la Jungle, Terra Willy…), reinforcing the cinematographic aspect and the invitation to travel that KARKARA offers us with this new album, «All Is Dust».

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