Karkara – Nowhere Land (Full Album 2020)

    Nowhere Land (2020)
    Toulouse, France
    Stolen Body Records
    A deafening echo that suddenly speaks out of the dust, conveying all the desolation of an endless landscape up to the sky.
    A journey for those who like exotic rock to sound viscerally loud, raw and high gained. To blow up the speakers for good. Fuzzed guitar and Buzzing didgeridoo locked with a sped up drums and cranked bass sound that makes you feel like you are riding a spacecraft at full speed between the dunes.
    KARKARA’s second album, “Nowhere land” explores the mysteries of the unknown lands. An album that drags the comfort out of your zone and creates an eerie space of atmospheric low-end and sneering highs.
    7 tracks that take a further step into a dark and mystical world.
    This album is a straight continuity of ‘Crystal Gazer’. The second chapter of a journey made by a traveler who discovers new lands and mysterious people.
    Written during Crystal Gazer’s tours, among long rides between gigs and rehearsals in south France. Recorded in Toulouse at SwampLand studio and using only analog equipements to add that raw Lo-fi flavor they love.
    Created in 2017 in Toulouse, France, the threesome takes it’s inspiration among different rock genre, from the sweet middle eastern psychedelic rock to the raw shattering sounds of garage fuzz and german krautrock.
    Even going so far as to use their favorite atypical instrument – the didgeridoo – the three members of KARKARA, like desert wizards, take pleasure in pushing further the boundaries of the genre and take their audience into a mystical and indomitable world.
    Their debut album «Crystal Gazer», released in October 2019 through Stolen Body Records (UK) and the french cassette label Ghost Lizard Diffusion, is a hypnotic musical production inspired by the mystical folklores all around the middle eastern countries. With the collaboration of the illustrator Dead Flag who was an additional source of imagination, this 7 tracks LP of 41 minutes is a deafening psychedelic flood where the desert and the tribal atmosphere is omnipresent. The lyrics take the form of mystical and narrative incantations that draw the thread of an epic journey that unfolds throughout the album.
    01. Deliverance 00:00
    02. Space Caravan (5:46
    03. Falling Gods 12:10
    04. People Of Nowhere land 16:05
    05. Setting Sun 22:09
    06. Cards 26:23
    07. Witch 30:53
    LINE UP :
    Karim Rihani – Guitar , Vocals , Didgeridoo
    Hugo Olive – Bass
    Maxime Marouani – Drums , Vocals
    Recording studio : SwampLand – Toulouse, France.
    Mixing and mastering: LoSpider, Jim Diamond.
    Cover artwork : Dead Flag Studios

    Source 666MrDoom


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