Kärmes will release his debut single on Friday, listen to the catchy Who’s Finally Afraid single

    Amulet, Fleetwood Mac, Thin Lizzy, AC / DC, Blender and The Hellacopters. KärmesThe band’s influences represent the juicy core of the great decades of guitar-driven rock music. Kärmes is like a cocktail with ingredients from 70’s rock and Iskelmä and punk from the decade that followed. A touch of AOR infectivity has been added and the whole is crowned with a sheer dose of millennium action rock.

    The band’s first single Who is finally afraid is an excellent example of what Kärmes is all about: great riffs, catchy melodies and lyrics that bite into consciousness. The band’s first single is like a business card, after which you know what’s coming.
    -”Who is finally afraid is the band ‘s second song ever. It tells of the disappearance of your own head and the problems of not speaking. The song serves as a peek into the band’s music, ”says the singer Lotta-Lucia Laine says.

    Black Records publishes the first Kärmes-singlen 15.4.2022 and in June a sequel is in the offing. Who is finally afraid can now be listened to on Svart Records YouTubeon the channel:

    15.4. Kärmes – Who is ultimately afraid (digi)

    KärmesThe birth of the band may sound familiar. The small pieces gradually snap into place and the slowly matured ideas eventually materialize to the level of implementation. Or what do you say? Singer Lotta-Lucia and guitarist Aba had talked about playing actionrock for a while now. Elsewhere Aba and Sam had gone to each other to feel guitar stuff. After that Aba called To Lotta-Lucia outlines of the duo. After that, the trio started assembling the band. At the same time a drummer Simon expressed Samille interest in playing chores, so no more bassist was needed. The wash was deceived Mattarn and the five were ready ”.


    Song: Lotta-Lucia Laine
    Guitar: Jan Abbath Abrahamsson
    Guitar: Sam Sihvonen
    Basso: Mattarn Åkerlund
    Drums: Simon Grundvall

    (Could be translated from Finnish)

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