KING WOMAN – Morning Star (Official Music Video)

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    Directed by Muted Widows

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    The lord saw what he made
    Yeah it was good
    Dripping from pearly gates
    I was luminous
    My name is Lucifer
    Pleased to meet you
    I harp six strings in the daylight
    Do you know what it means?
    Well one moment I was ascending the heights
    Am I far from God?
    Morning star?
    The next thing I knew
    I was falling fast
    Lightning hit my wings
    Heard thunder crack
    Pride had infected the depths of me
    Oh I love these courts
    I loved that royal family
    You know it could have been you
    So don’t you dare judge the things that I do
    Am I far from god?
    Morning star?

    Lucifer falling from the heights

    source Relapse Records

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