Kivijalka – Suomiräp’s home-burning years

    At the turn of the millennium, rap matters were different in Finland than they are now

    Black Records will launch a massive nine – disc release series in October, covering the active years of domestic hip – hop at the turn of the millennium and beyond. The ensemble, which appears under the name Kivijalka, presents some of the already lost rap classics from the active times of the genre from 1999 to 2009. At that time, the songs were made at home, burned on CDs to home computers, The Funkiest trade in Helsinki. Many of the activists of the home-burning years today are, if not now, legitimate artists known to the entire nation, then at least to large masses, such as Jukka-Poika or Dice foot. Some of them, on the other hand, turned their interests to other areas of life long ago.

    The collection series has been curated by Niko Toiskallio (aka Chydeone), while Svart ‘s own Olli Hänninen (aka Klaus Kustaa). Long-line rhythm music activists have amassed a significant amount of material for releases that have never been released on vinyl. The first part of the series focuses on underground publications in the Helsinki metropolitan area, and according to the producer duo, the most characteristic feature of the publication series is the diversity of the material.

    – “It would have been strange to make a stone-foot type entity if examples for it had not been specifically sought from different parts of the style spectrum. There where Flash group delivery includes reggae, is Juhan the song is based on blues. When Guys seem to spit directly on the eyes, looking UGC with its guests in deep tones. You are right to think that this opening part of the collection is missing pieces. Nokka turns to Helsinki again as the series progresses, ”say Toiskallio and Hänninen.

    Kivijalka – Suomiräp’s home-burning years The first part of the series will be published on October 30, 2020 and can be ordered in advance from Svart Records’ online store at

    Flash Group – Everything is possible

    Kivijalka – Suomiräp’s home-burning years

    A1 Tommy Deks – My Neighborhood 3:43

    A2 Lightning Group – Everything is possible 4:17

    A3 Guys – Oh? What did you hear? 3:22

    A4 Juhani – Tuut tuut tuut 4:07

    A5 UGC – Close your eyes ft. Dual, Yavis 5:43

    B1 Murmurecordings – Sandstorm 6:38

    B2 Saurus – Tuike 4:13

    B3 Superjanne – Alchemists 2:44

    B4 Konala Cartelli – <3 (Less Than Three) 4:30

    B5 Aisti & Emeto – It was a sit here feat. Davo 4: 1

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