Kuusamo calls again – check out the pizza-scented video now!

    Composing experimental Finnish rock tilted to country, folk and krautrock KUUSAMO has entered into a recording agreement Svart Recordsin with. The band’s debut album Lost in the wind will be published in early June. There is a lot of experience behind the band members Teletext 666:sta French Films.

    The album’s second single Metempsychosis has been inspired Philip K. Dickin and Haruki Murakamin books. In them, worlds are not always what they seem, and even the slightest movement can push a person into another reality. – “The passage deals with the idea of ​​the journey of the soul: do we walk the same life over and over again? A life where one always ends up in the same darkness where everything originated. Even if the form is different, the end result is the same. The song is, after all, hopeful and springy. After all, the darkness is over? Is there still hope? ”The band recounts the message of the song.

    Metempsychosisvideo has been directed by KUUSAMO’s previous video as a couple JWorm Roine and Lauri Talja. A work of art that is very scented for pizza has already appeared on Svart Records YouTubefor:

    KUUSAMO was founded in the beginning of 2020. In their own words, the band originated from “apparent stagnation, to later become a channel that creates its own channels without caring about the will of the streams that feed it”. Svart Records releases KUUSAMO Lost in the wind on June 10, 2022 and its release will be celebrated GLivelabissa 10.6.2022!

    10.06. Kuusamo: LP / CD lost in the wind (pre-order)

    Lost in the wind

    29.04. Metempsychosis (single)


    Tuomas Asanti

    Tero Huotari

    Timo Huotari

    Eero Vesterinen

    (Could be translated from Finnish)

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