After many years of a friendship between the multi-instrumentalist Craig Williamson from New Zealand and Sulatron, we are happy to announce the new Lamp of the Universe album will be out on Sulatron!
    Craig is also member of Arc of Ascent and was the bassplayer and singer of Datura.
    Align in the Fourth Dimension… joining with something outside the range of ordinary experience, a new LAMP OF THE UNIVERSE album. 7 (on CD 8) songs beamed to us from a parallel time, a hopeful message and statement to the world we live in. Ethereal folk beauty, spaced-out vibes and 60s acid blues ascend in these 40 plus minutes.
    All songs and instruments by Craig Williamson: Guitars, bass, drums, organ, synthesizer, mellotron and sitar.
    Coverdesign by Lulu Artwork!
    LP on turquoise coloured 180 Gramm Vinyl, limited to 500 copies!
    CD in Jewelcase, lim. to 500.
    Visitors 04:39
    Rite of the Spheres 05:13
    Light Receiver 05:14
    New Forms 05:50
    The Leaving06:02
    Absolution Through Your Third Eye 06:39
    Call from Beyond 03:39 (CD bonustrack!)
    Seasons of Love 08:48

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