Lower Hollow – Noose With A Name (Official Visualizer)

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    South African 5-Piece LOWER HOLLOW release latest single “Noose with a Name”; a sledgehammer beating at the heels of fast hardcore, melodic broodiness and heavy lows. Comprising of South African metal royalty LOWER HOLLOW cut their teeth behind closed doors during COVID refining a new sound and a new source of top-tier intensity.

    LOWER HOLLOW’s debut album ‘Bloom & Expire’ arrives 31/03.

    “Noose With a Name is fast, angry, heavy, and hardcore…” – Lower Hollow

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    The wise will always know deception
    I’m both the witness and the victim
    This rope around my neck
    I know this misery all too well
    A noose with a name
    To send me down to hell

    Condemned to the fate I helped construct
    Devoid and hollow

    I’ve been here before
    One too many times
    I’ve led myself astray
    With nowhere to point the blame
    An admission of guilt
    Because I know who I am
    And it’s disgusting to me

    Fill a grave with all my guilt
    Falling from the pedestals I built
    Denounce your innocence
    Burn your idols down

    Polarize my understanding of what is true
    Falsify all that is sacred, disguised in valour
    I see right through the façade

    This rope around my neck
    I know this misery all too well
    A noose with a name
    To send me down to hell

    Send me down to hell
    Forever hollow
    Lift me off my feet
    Devoid and hollow



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