Moozoonsii – Inward (Full Album 2022)

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    Mangrove 00:00
    Beelzebufo 07:28
    Wudùm 12:55
    Sylaps 16:24
    Titanoboa 20:10
    Venom 28:16
    Inward is the first half of the Inward/Outward duology.

    This first half takes place in a jungle, narrating the exploration of a mangrove, the encounters with various dangerous animals and vegetation, the insecurity as well as hypnose and poisoning.
    The outcome of it will be disclosed in the conclusion yet to come.
    Outward on the other hand, stellar travelling aboard its own psyche, must recover its consciousness before landing towards us, long after its older brother.
    Composed during lockdown, “Inward/Outward” is Moozoonsii’s new chapter.

    Basile Chiariello – Guitar
    Fabien Hervé – Bass
    Matthieu Bellemere – Drums, percussions

    Recorded and mixed by Christophe Hogommat (The Dust Lovers, Mad Foxes, Tickles, 20 Second Falling Man, and more), he also played percussions on the album. Thank you Christophe for your dedication and your amazing work !

    Mastered by Brent Asbury

    Cover artwork by Bluechep
    Individual track artworks by Drune

    Source 666MrDoom

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