Mound Builders – Transmissions From Serpent Mound – jarguna and Chris Russell. Download Free!
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    Mound Builders is the first track of the new album made with Chris Russell.
    Video taken from the film Begotten and some footage of the archaeological site south of Ohio in the USA. This is the theme of the album, death seen as the natural path of life, the mystery that surrounds the “afterlife”, the passing away.
    A raw, brutal, apparently violent video, as it wants to show itself to the public when the film Begotten was released, which in reality more than a film could seem like a video art, video installation or something similar.
    Beyond the appearance, both the video and the film want to express the cycle of regeneration.
    I recommend delving into the subject of the film and the mounds, as the latter seems to have a veil of mystery and some people speculate on the ancient astronaut theory.

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