NAKED SOLDIER – Naked Soldier (Full Album 2022)

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    The band’s debut album is called “Naked Soldier” and is released on Sixteentimes Music. The album is the first paradigm shift in the band‘s still short history. Nine intense, intimate, yearning and energetic songs that boldly pave the way for modern rock music. A perfect storm of emotions, impressions and life experiences, as unpredictable and individual as the human experience itself. Between alternative and progressive, catchy yet complex, expressive and enigmatic, the new record shows the first breaths of a group you will probably hear a lot more of in the future. Enter the maw of the beast and become one with it!
    01. Green Pool 00:00

    02. No Option 03:19

    03. Embrace The Chaos 07:18

    04. Wicked Man 11:37

    05. Walk Your Way 15:54

    06. Naked Soldier 20:38

    07. Melanchomaniac 26:33

    08. Satellite 29:34

    09. Love Tree 35:40
    released August 26, 2022

    Source 666MrDoom

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