Nothing Is Real – Canzone No 1 In No Key (Single 2021)

    Symphony Mysterium (2021)
    Nothing is Real. Everything is Permitted.
    Nothing Is Real
    Los Angeles, California
    To reach into the darkest blackness. This blackness exists both inside and out of us. To journey to the darkest and most tortured realms inside and outside of our own soul. This album journeys the tale of the dark night of the soul in a classical symphony format, broken up into four movements. We will begin to see that in order to truly begin to see who and what we are, we must acknowledge the darkness within and let it destroy us. This album is about allowing that darkness to unpeel our lies and our false stories of ourselves, and through a near destruction, and a full destruction of our ego, we emerge naked and anew, knowing our true essence. Without these dark and horrifying experiences, many of us can never shed these false stories of who we are and see beyond the outer veils of deception.

    This album is a call to embrace the darkest parts of ourselves and our life and call to the truth in ourselves and others. The lyrics have been left broad and suggestive, as this journey is different for each and every person. This album is a perilous journey, and the only way to make it through is to remember:

    releases March 20, 2021

    Nothing Is Real – Composition, guitars, bass, piano, drums, vocal, mixing and mastering

    William Schade – Saxophone on track 1: Sonata no.1 in Bb Minor

    Luca Basile – Cello on tracks 2, 3, 6, and 7

    Olga Ilyashenko.- Violin on song 5: Violin Sonata in A Minor

    Source 666MrDoom

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