OBSCURA – Ethereal Skies

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    Cosmic havoc in oblivious embrace
    To deport this alternation
    Arcade of aeons, motion in time
    Dissolves in absolution

    Conflagration – back to primordial condition
    Cosmogenesis – life and death

    In ethereal skies, we transcend in eclectic divine
    As a glimpse of light, forevermore
    In wandering stars, we emerge from light to abyss
    As abandoned gods, we redeem in purgatory

    Deliverance, a slender form of desolation
    In bareness, beyond profound abyss
    Perception, a final glimpse of dignity
    In radiation of the blackest light

    Solo: R. Trujillo

    Retrogression, in solitary meditation
    In clarity, consigned to infinity
    Perpetuity, a constant shattered past
    In sempiternal neutrality

    Music by Rafael Trujillo & Sebastian Lanser
    Lyrics by Steffen Kummerer

    source Relapse Records

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