OBSCURA – The Conjuration

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    The one who has fallen
    Wrapped in nocturnal despise
    Surrender of the cosmic lie

    Conjuration, evoke above and below
    Arcane, occult, clandestine stars witnessed

    The one who has drowned
    Enshrouded in splendor so bright
    Inclination of the blackest light

    Fragrance of the perished, redemption revealed
    Slaver, strive, iniquitous life redeemed in wrath

    Invocation, ascend to its source and
    Crave, cure, purity, the surrender of cosmic lies

    In revelation, fathomless glory
    Sacrificed mortals, a scorned trinity

    Solo: R. Trujillo / S. Kummerer

    Music by Steffen Kummerer & Linus Klausenitzer
    Lyrics by Steffen Kummerer

    source Relapse Records

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