OVERSTAY – SO-SO (EP 2020)

    OVERSTAY has been on the bangkok indie scene for 6 years already. The current formation is made up of 4 French musicians, Greg (drums), Sylvain (lead guitar), Jim (rhythm guitar & vocals) and Thierry (bass & background vocals). Although they come from the same country they share different musical backgrounds that sometimes collide and new musical ideas bloom. On top of a solid rock structure, the band distinguishes itself with a particular sensitivity and poetry coming from Jim’s singing and lyrics, juggling between English and French.
    Very present in the Asian music scene and festivals, OVERSTAY has never stopped playing live music but along the years they produced a few recordings. In feb 2019, the EP “Going Nowhere” was released, following an eponym record in 2016. The EP was recorded in June 2018 in the famous Karma Sound studio which welcomed famous international artists included Placebo, Jamiroquai, Bullet for My Valentine and Young Guns and mastered by David Harchour from the uprising Paris Coloursound studio. It is a complex creation and a combination of strong and sensitive lyrics supported by heady guitar riffs and powerful and dynamic drum and bass.
    Over the last two years, the band has gained maturity along with line up stability. This led them to the release of a new EP in December 2019 called “SO-SO”, still collaborating with David Harchour from Coloursound and recorded at 630 STUDIO in Bangkok with sound engineer Mr.Kuro chan. This record is a real journey that invites the listeners to drift into a rich musical universe with sensitive lyrics. Keep your eyes and ears open for their upcoming tour in 2020.
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    Long life to rock’n roll !!!!!
    Who are you ? 00:00
    Questions 03:08
    Valentine Day 07:24
    Lampedusa 10:24
    Presentation of the Project EP “SO-SO”

    Sometimes raw and urgent, sometimes ambient and poetic, Overstay has never expressed its own duality as well as in this 4 track EP.
    In less than 20 minutes Overstay manages to deliver a rollercoaster of emotions. Sometimes carefree on a track like Valentine’s day, sometimes activist with Lampedusa [a tribute to migrants lost at sea], Overstay reflects perfectly the dichotomy of the city that birthed the band, Bangkok, and the one that lives within all of us. The title of the EP “So/So” is a tongue in cheek reminder of it.

    Since their last release, the band went through a line-up change, welcoming Thierry on the bass, making it a 100% French band. It also went back to a raw style of production, recording everything on real, loud, thundering amps at 630 STUDIO in Bangkok with sound engineer Mr.Kuro chan.
    While they have made a step towards simplicity compared to their precedent opus “Going Nowhere”, which featured more intricate song structures, they are showing great musicianship on a track like “Questions”, where they experiment with odd time signatures and exotic scales.
    Throughout the EP, the guitar of Sylvain does wonders with short but well executed solos and put a second guitar to good use with well thought harmonies.
    Greg and Thierry (on drums and bass respectively) make a solid rhythm section allowing Jim to experiment freely with voice placement, melodies and delivery.

    This EP is difficult to categorize. And that might be the most attractive thing about it.
    It is a mash up of subgenres that have been so well digested that even if different, all the tracks make sense together.
    There is a bit of Indie, a bit of power rock, a bit of stoner and a bit of hardcore in it. Curious how it sounds ? Give it a listen. It’s worth it.

    source 666MrDoom

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