Pesta – Faith Bathed in Blood (Full Album 2019)

    Faith Bathed in Blood (2019)
    Doom / Stoner Metal band from Belo Horizonte Brazil
    Witches’ Sabbath 00:00
    Anthropophagic 08:15
    Hand of God 13:04
    Blood Mists 17:10
    Moloch’s Children 20:00
    The Myth of R’lyeh 25:37
    Thulsa Doom 31:54
    The Prayer 33:00
    Faith Bathed in Blood is the second full length album by the Brazilian Stoner Doom band Pesta,released on February 28th by Abraxas.
    released February 28, 2019

    Pesta is:
    Thiago Cruz – Vocals
    Marcos Resende – Rhythm/Lead Guitars
    Daniel Rocha – Rhythm Guitars
    Anderson Vaca – Bass
    Flávio Freitas – Drums

    Released 02/28/2019
    Recorded in 06/16/2018 at Engenho Studio
    Produced, mixed and mastered by André Cabelo at Engenho Studio

    All lyrics by Anderson Vaca
    All music by Pesta

    Guest Lead Guitar on Witches’ Sabbath 3rd solo and The Prayer slide guitar by Gustavo Bracher

    Artwork by Júnior Cruz

    Pesta’s logo by Alexandre Golgher

    Photography: Iana Domingos

    Album cover – Title: “Oferta e troca” (Offer and Exchange)
    Artist/Maker: Ars Moriendee

    Source 666MrDoom

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