Psychedelic Source Records – Ihamutrarthaphalabhogaviragah (Full Album 2021)
    ihamutrarthaphalabhogaviragah:Here and everywhere detached from the emotional attachment to the fruits of action.
    Notice that neither objects, subjects or actions are to be avoided, but only acting for the sake of the results, that of course bring to life, subjects, objects and the rest.

    This melting something recorded in December of 2021 with 2 stereo guitars from 4 guitaramps, 1 bass, 1 keys, vocal and the drummer.

    The recording is not overmaximized to make it able to listen, in this case sometimes could be too dynamic (alternately loud and silent like classical music, or the band called Grails for example). Otherwise it was sound like a tube of toothpaste.
    Better to listen loud on oldscool hi-fis and giant speakers, in safe places between 00 and 03am.
    Sparkling Melody (Golden Sights) 00:00
    Hoax Goods (Water Vortex) 23:28
    Golden Sights (Sapphire Plains) 41:39
    Bufallo Express 52:38
    Topos For Hiero Lyptus {Golden Sights (Buzzing Machinery)} 57:17
    Cyber Hooves 01:17:26
    The Saga of the Mesmerising Giant Mimosa 01:32:37
    released December 31, 2021

    Members: Kriszti Benus – vox, keys
    Gergely Szabó – bass
    Ákos Karancz + Bence Ambrus – Guitar
    Krisztián Megyeri – Drums
    Júlia Csernovszky – Coverart

    Source 666MrDoom

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