RED FANG – 'Only Ghosts' (Full Album Stream)

    RED FANG – ‘ONLY GHOSTS’ [Full Album] out now on CD/LP/Digital via Relapse Records. Order Here:

    ***Select track title at the beginning or let it play – Click arrows forwards or backwards to skip between tracks***

    Track Listing
    Flies 0:08 – 3:45
    Cut It Short 3:46 – 7:57
    Flames 7:58 – 9:27
    No Air 9:28 – 14:20
    Shadows 14:20 – 17:32
    Not For You 17:32 – 20:51
    The Smell of the Sound 20:52 – 26:14
    The Deep 26:15 – 30:41
    I Am a Ghost 30:42 – 34:50
    Living in Lye 34:51- 41:09

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    source Relapse Records

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