Risin Sabotage – Serpent (2021) (Official Music Video)

    Risin Sabotage – Serpent (Music Video) Risin Sabotage is an Ukranian psychedelic stoner rock band from Kyiv. This is the new music video for their latest single ‘Serpent’.

    People were savages, flesh on their teeth
    Instead of skyscrapers above only heaps
    The rooftops are hanging over the skyfall
    The number of hives increase

    Two headed snake
    Squeeze on my neck
    Bats eat my blood
    Taking me back

    The master burned writings yet hoped he was wrong
    So frightened by truth that was silent for long
    Struggled to strive every being alive
    Returns in to where it came from

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    source Stoned Meadow Of Doom

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