Satorinaut – Exclusive All Inclusive (Full Album 2020)

    Exclusive All Inclusive (2020)
    Satorinaut are originally a space-postrock jam trio, built from members of Korgoth, Lemurian Folk Songs/Liquidacid and Robi, the bass himself.
    Based on the SATORI.
    Keep on the railroad of all night long jams, psychedelia and love.
    Budapest, Hungary
    Sacred Superheroes 00:00
    Medieval Gran Turismo 14:50
    Your Process in Progress 26:08
    The Horseyank 43:28
    „Ladies and gentlemen! Welcome to the truth, unity and love show! Feel free to install the software onto you equipment.
    Feel free to smoke and please open up a bottle or a can, or two of them. And even, please remember for the teachings of Buddha, Jesus, Ahuramazda and the ancient samples”
    released November 30, 2020

    Drums – Krisztián Megyeri
    Guitar – Bence Ambrus
    Bass – Róbert Kránitz
    Speech – Dávid Nagy
    Lyrics – Dávid & Bence
    Coverart – Bence

    Record, Mix & Master – László Philipp (Abnormal Studio Budapest 2020)
    Released by Little Rascal Records, Australia

    Source 666MrDoom


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