from latest album “The Outer Limits” ➤

    The plot of the song is based on the beautiful legend “The road with sand, pearls and tears” (author: Talimonova L.A.) and games from the Fallout universe.

    The cold and loneliness of the post-nuclear world: every step is fraught with danger and every turn is a threat. Only the eternal stars, shining coldly from heaven, attract the eye, making one dream about what is not, and remember those who have gone forever…


    Vocals – Mikhail Kudrey
    Bass – Vladislav Tyushin
    Guitars – Denis Andrianov
    Guitars – Ivan Lisitsyn
    Drums – Liudmila Malaya
    Keyboards – Svetlana Tyushina

    Video Credits:

    Director of photography/Editing – Alexander Kolihalov
    Camera assistant – Nikolay Semenov
    Script writer – Svetlana Tyushina
    Hair and make up – Olga Sheveleva
    Decorator – Inga Karachkova

    Produced by Selenseas

    Special thanks to Mila Ionova.

    “The Outer Limits” contains elements of folk, progressive, doom, hard rock but is centered around the heavy/power metal genre and will be released via Rockshots Records on August 7, 2020.

    Composer Vladislav Tyushin comments “The Outer Limits”: “This album is filled with powerful and epic sound, and each song has its own meaning, style and mood. At the same time, all the songs are united by the same atmosphere and are part of the same universe. They are portals, pages of a book, doors which will take you to different worlds and lead you to discover something interesting. All you need is but a single step across the boundary!”

    The band decided to re-record almost all instruments for the album “The Outer Limits”. To ensure a more powerful and epic sound, several guest musicians were invited: Sergei Lazar (Arkona, Rossomahaar), Ivan Garin, Andrey Zodchiy (ex-Dis Pater), Alexey Verbitsky (Legenda) and Gamil Makhmutov (ex-Ethno-Sound).

    SELENSEAS’ music immerses the listeners in an extraordinary world in which mysticism, mythology, fantasy and philosophy are intertwined with the harmony of guitars and atmospheric keyboards.



    #selenseas #powermetal #metalmusic


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