SLOWER – War Ensemble // HEAVY PSYCH SOUNDS Records

    WAR ENSEMBLE is the first single taken from SLOWER upcoming debut album. The release will see the light January 26th via Heavy Psych Sounds.




    Amy Tung Barrysmith says:
    “War Ensemble was the first song I was approached with for this project. The only direction I got was to “have fun and be creative”, so I decided to look at it as if it were an original piece, not a cover, and not Slayer. Pretty easy to do, honestly. The riffs slowed down really created a life of their own. It’s genius in so many ways! From there, creating the melody and harmony lines and fitting in the lyrics came quickly and easily.
    I’m excited to finally share this with everyone and grateful to have had the opportunity to collaborate with such inspiring and talented musicians.”

    Bob Balch says
    “I was 13 when “Seasons In The Abyss” came out. I had been playing guitar non-stop for a little over a year by then. I desperately wanted to play “War Ensemble” but it was way too fast for me at the time. I had no idea how they jumped from string to string during that verse riff. Therefore, I really enjoyed digging into this tune and finally locking in that verse riff! I also think this song is a great representation of how we approached the rest of the record. Enjoy!”

    RECORD LABEL & BOOKING – Heavy Psych – Stoner – 70’s – Retro Rock – Vintage

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